Here we are introducing the CalTrain Schedule and Timetables of Commuter Rail Service Along The San Francisco Peninsula, through the South Bay to San Jose and Gilroy.

Week Timetable

Northbound Service

Zone Northbound Train No. 101 103 207 217 221 231 135 139 143 Northbound Train No. 147 151 155 159 261 269 279 289 193 195 197 *199 Northbound Train No. Zone
6 Gilroy 6:06am 6:35am Gilroy Gilroy 6
6 San Martin 6:15am 6:44am San Martin San Martin 6
6 Morgan Hill 6:21am 6:50am Morgan Hill Morgan Hill 6
5 Blossom Hill 6:36am 7:05am Blossom Hill Blossom Hill 5
5 Capitol 6:42am 7:11am Capitol Capitol 5
4 Tamien 4:55am 5:51am 6:50am 7:19am Tamien 3:32p 4:33p 5:32p 6:38p 8:37p 9:37p Tamien 4
4 San Jose Diridon 4:28am 5:03am 5:59am 6:59am 7:28am 8:28am 9:13am 10:13am 11:13am San Jose Diridon 12:13p 1:13p 2:13p 3:13p 3:40p 4:40p 5:40p 6:45p 7:45p 8:45p 9:45p 10:30p San Jose Diridon 4
4 College Park   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   – College Park   –   –   – 3:16p   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   – College Park 4
4 Santa Clara 4:33am 5:08am 6:06am 7:06am 7:33am 8:33am 9:18am 10:18a 11:18a Santa Clara 12:18p 1:18p 2:18p 3:20p 3:45p 4:46p 5:46p 6:50p 7:50p 8:50p 9:50p 10:35p Santa Clara 4
4 Lawrence 4:39am 5:13am 6:12am 7:12am 7:39am 8:39am 9:24am 10:24a 11:24a Lawrence 12:24p 1:24p 2:24p 3:25p 3:50p 4:54p 5:54p 6:55p 7:55p 8:55p 9:55p 10:40p Lawrence 4
3 Sunnyvale 4:43am 5:18am 6:20am 7:20am 7:43am 8:44am 9:29am 10:28a 11:28a Sunnyvale 12:28p 1:28p 2:28p 3:30p 3:57p 5:00p 6:00p 7:00p 8:00p 9:00p 10:00p 10:45p Sunnyvale 3
3 Mountain View 4:48am 5:23am 6:25am 7:25am 7:48am 8:49am 9:34am 10:33a 11:33a Mountain View 12:33p 1:33p 2:33p 3:35p 4:02p 5:05p 6:05p 7:05p 8:05p 9:05p 10:05p 10:50p Mountain View 3
3 San Antonio 4:52am 5:27am 6:29am 7:29am 7:52am 8:53am 9:38am 10:37a 11:37a San Antonio 12:37p 1:37p 2:37p 3:39p 4:06p 5:09p 6:09p 7:08p 8:08p 9:08p 10:08p 10:54p San Antonio 3
3 California Ave 4:57am 5:31am 6:34am 7:34am 7:56am 8:57am 9:42am 10:42a 11:41a California Ave 12:41p 1:41p 2:41p 3:43p 4:11p 5:14p 6:14p 7:13p 8:13p 9:13p 10:13p 10:59p California Ave 3
3 Palo Alto 5:01am 5:36am 6:38am 7:38am 8:01am 9:02am 9:47am 10:47a 11:46a Palo Alto 12:46p 1:46p 2:46p 3:47p 4:15p 5:20p 6:20p 7:17p 8:17p 9:17p 10:17p 11:04p Palo Alto 3
3 Menlo Park 5:04am 5:39am 6:41am 7:41am 8:04am 9:05am 9:50am 10:50a 11:49a Menlo Park 12:49p 1:49p 2:49p 3:51p 4:19p 5:23p 6:23p 7:20p 8:20p 9:20p 10:20p 11:07p Menlo Park 3
2 Redwood City 5:10am 5:44am 6:47am 7:47am 8:10am 9:12am 9:57am 10:55a 11:55a Redwood City 12:55p 1:55p 2:55p 3:58p 4:24p 5:29p 6:29p 7:27p 8:27p 9:27p 10:27p 11:13p Redwood City 2
2 San Carlos 5:15am 5:49am 6:51am 7:51am 8:14am 9:16am 10:01am 10:59a 11:59a San Carlos 12:59p 1:59p 2:59p 4:03p 4:29p 5:33p 6:33p 7:31p 8:31p 9:31p 10:31p 11:17p San Carlos 2
2 Belmont 5:18am 5:52am 6:55am 7:55am 8:18am 9:20am 10:05am 11:03a 12:03p Belmont 1:03p 2:03p 3:03p 4:06p 4:33p 5:37p 6:37p 7:35p 8:35p 9:35p 10:35p 11:21p Belmont 2
2 Hillsdale 5:22am 5:56am 6:58am 7:58am 8:21am 9:23am 10:08am 11:06a 12:06p Hillsdale 1:06p 2:06p 3:06p 4:10p 4:36p 5:40p 6:40p 7:38p 8:38p 9:38p 10:38p 11:24p Hillsdale 2
2 Hayward Park 5:25am 5:59am 7:01am 8:01am 8:24am 9:26am 10:11am 11:09a 12:09p Hayward Park 1:09p 2:09p 3:09p 4:13p 4:39p 5:43p 6:43p 7:41p 8:41p 9:41p 10:41p 11:27p Hayward Park 2
2 San Mateo 5:28am 6:03am 7:05am 8:05am 8:27am 9:30am 10:15am 11:12a 12:12p San Mateo 1:12p 2:12p 3:14p 4:17p 4:42p 5:46p 6:46p 7:44p 8:44p 9:44p 10:44p 11:30p San Mateo 2
2 Burlingame 5:32am 6:06am 7:08am 8:08am 8:30am 9:33am 10:18am 11:15a 12:15p Burlingame 1:15p 2:15p 3:17p 4:20p 4:45p 5:49p 6:49p 7:48p 8:48p 9:48p 10:48p 11:34p Burlingame 2
2 Millbrae 5:36am 6:11am 7:13am 8:13am 8:35am 9:38am 10:23am 11:20am 12:20p Millbrae 1:20p 2:20p 3:22p 4:25p 4:50p 5:54p 6:54p 7:52p 8:52p 9:52p 10:52p 11:38p Millbrae 2
1 San Bruno 5:41am 6:16am 7:18am 8:18am 8:40am 9:43am 10:28am 11:25am 12:25p San Bruno 1:25p 2:25p 3:27p 4:30p 4:55p 5:59p 6:59p 7:57p 8:57p 9:57p 10:57p 11:42p San Bruno 1
1 So. San Francisco 5:45am 6:20am 7:22am 8:22am 8:44am 9:47am 10:32am 11:29am 12:29p So. San Francisco 1:29p 2:29p 3:31p 4:34p 4:59p 6:03p 7:03p 8:01p 9:01p 10:01p 11:01p 11:46p So. San Francisco 1
1 Bayshore 5:51am 6:26am 7:28am 8:28am 8:50am 9:53am 10:38am 11:35am 12:35p Bayshore 1:35p 2:35p 3:37p 4:40p 5:05p 6:09p 7:09p 8:07p 9:07p 10:07p 11:07p 11:52p Bayshore 1
1 22nd Street 5:57am 6:32am 7:34am 8:34am 8:56am 9:59am 10:44am 11:41am 12:41p 22nd Street 1:41p 2:41p 3:43p 4:46p 5:11p 6:15p 7:15p 8:13p 9:13p 10:13p 11:13p 11:58p 22nd Street 1
1 San Francisco 6:03am 6:38am 7:42am 8:42am 9:03am 10:07am 10:52am 11:48am 12:48p San Francisco 1:48p 2:48p 3:52p 4:53p 5:18p 6:22p 7:22p 8:20p 9:20p 10:20p 11:20p 12:05a San Francisco 1

Southbound Service

Zone Southbound Train No. 102 104 208 218 228 134 138 142 Southbound Train No. 146 150 152 156 258 264 274 284 190 192 194 196 198 Southbound Train No. Zone
1 San Francisco 4:55a 5:25a 6:15a 7:15a 8:15a 9:00a 10:00a 11:00a San Francisco 12:00p 1:00p 2:00p 3:00p 3:34p 4:32p 5:32p 6:32p 7:30p 8:30p 9:30p 10:30p 12:05a San Francisco 1
1 22nd Street 4:59a 5:29a 6:20a 7:20a 8:20a 9:05a 10:04a 11:04a 22nd Street 12:04p 1:04p 2:04p 3:04p 3:39p 4:37p 5:37p 6:37p 7:34p 8:34p 9:34p 10:34p 12:10a 22nd Street 1
1 Bayshore 5:04a 5:34a 6:25a 7:25a 8:25a 9:10a 10:09a 11:09a Bayshore 12:09p 1:09p 2:09p 3:09p 3:44p 4:42p 5:42p 6:42p 7:39p 8:39p 9:39p 10:39p 12:15a Bayshore 1
1 So. San Francisco 5:10a 5:40a 6:32a 7:32a 8:32a 9:17a 10:16a 11:16a So. San Francisco 12:16p 1:16p 2:16p 3:16p 3:51p 4:49p 5:49p 6:49p 7:46p 8:46p 9:46p 10:46p 12:21a So. San Francisco 1
1 San Bruno 5:14a 5:44a 6:36a 7:36a 8:36a 9:21a 10:20a 11:20a San Bruno 12:20p 1:20p 2:20p 3:20p 3:55p 4:53p 5:53p 6:53p 7:50p 8:50p 9:50p 10:50p 12:25a San Bruno 1
2 Millbrae 5:18a 5:48a 6:40a 7:40a 8:40a 9:25a 10:25a 11:25a Millbrae 12:25p 1:25p 2:25p 3:27p 3:59p 4:57p 5:57p 6:57p 7:56p 8:56p 9:56p 10:56p 12:33a Millbrae 2
2 Burlingame 5:22a 5:53a 6:44a 7:44a 8:44a 9:29a 10:29a 11:29a Burlingame 12:29p 1:29p 2:29p 3:32p 4:03p 5:01p 6:01p 7:01p 8:01p 9:01p 10:01p 11:01p 12:37a Burlingame 2
2 San Mateo 5:25a 5:57a 6:47a 7:47a 8:47a 9:32a 10:32a 11:32a San Mateo 12:32p 1:32p 2:32p 3:35p 4:06p 5:04p 6:04p 7:04p 8:04p 9:04p 10:04p 11:04p 12:40a San Mateo 2
2 Hayward Park 5:28a 6:00a 6:51a 7:51a 8:51a 9:36a 10:36a 11:36a Hayward Park 12:36p 1:36p 2:36p 3:39p 4:10p 5:08p 6:08p 7:08p 8:08p 9:08p 10:08p 11:08p 12:44a Hayward Park 2
2 Hillsdale 5:32a 6:03a 6:54a 7:54a 8:54a 9:39a 10:39a 11:39a Hillsdale 12:39p 1:39p 2:39p 3:42p 4:13p 5:11p 6:11p 7:11p 8:11p 9:11p 10:11p 11:11p 12:47a Hillsdale 2
2 Belmont 5:35a 6:07a 6:58a 7:58a 8:58a 9:43a 10:43a 11:43a Belmont 12:43p 1:43p 2:43p 3:46p 4:17p 5:15p 6:15p 7:15p 8:15p 9:15p 10:15p 11:15p 12:51a Belmont 2
2 San Carlos 5:38a 6:10a 7:01a 8:01a 9:01a 9:46a 10:46a 11:46a San Carlos 12:46p 1:46p 2:46p 3:49p 4:20p 5:18p 6:18p 7:18p 8:18p 9:18p 10:18p 11:18p 12:54a San Carlos 2
2 Redwood City 5:41a 6:15a 7:06a 8:06a 9:06a 9:51a 10:51a 11:51a Redwood City 12:51p 1:51p 2:51p 3:54p 4:25p 5:23p 6:23p 7:23p 8:23p 9:23p 10:23p 11:23p 12:59a Redwood City 2
3 Menlo Park 5:47a 6:20a 7:11a 8:11a 9:11a 9:56a 10:56a 11:56a Menlo Park 12:56p 1:56p 2:56p 3:59p 4:30p 5:28p 6:28p 7:28p 8:28p 9:28p 10:28p 11:28p 1:04a Menlo Park 3
3 Palo Alto 5:51a 6:24a 7:15a 8:15a 9:15a 10:00a 11:00a 12:00p Palo Alto 1:00p 2:00p 3:00p 4:04p 4:34p 5:32p 6:32p 7:32p 8:32p 9:32p 10:32p 11:32p 1:08a Palo Alto 3
3 California Ave 5:55a 6:28a 7:19a 8:19a 9:19a 10:04a 11:04a 12:04p California Ave 1:04p 2:04p 3:04p 4:08p 4:38p 5:36p 6:36p 7:36p 8:35p 9:35p 10:35p 11:35p 1:11a California Ave 3
3 San Antonio 5:59a 6:32a 7:23a 8:23a 9:23a 10:08a 11:08a 12:08p San Antonio 1:08p 2:08p 3:08p 4:12p 4:42p 5:40p 6:40p 7:40p 8:39p 9:39p 10:39p 11:39p 1:15a San Antonio 3
3 Mountain View 6:04a 6:37a 7:28a 8:28a 9:28a 10:13a 11:13a 12:13p Mountain View 1:13p 2:13p 3:13p 4:17p 4:47p 5:45p 6:45p 7:45p 8:44p 9:44p 10:44p 11:44p 1:20a Mountain View 3
3 Sunnyvale 6:10a 6:42a 7:33a 8:33a 9:33a 10:18a 11:18a 12:18p Sunnyvale 1:18p 2:18p 3:18p 4:22p 4:52p 5:50p 6:50p 7:50p 8:49p 9:49p 10:49p 11:49p 1:25a Sunnyvale 3
4 Lawrence 6:15a 6:46a 7:37a 8:37a 9:37a 10:22a 11:22a 12:22p Lawrence 1:22p 2:22p 3:22p 4:27p 4:56p 5:54p 6:54p 7:54p 8:53p 9:53p 10:53p 11:53p 1:29a Lawrence 4
4 Santa Clara 6:22a 6:51a 7:42a 8:42a 9:42a 10:27a 11:28a 12:28p Santa Clara 1:28p 2:28p 3:28p 4:32p 5:01p 5:59p 6:59p 7:59p 8:58p 9:58p 10:58p 11:58p 1:34a Santa Clara 4
4 College Park   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   – College Park   –   –   – 4:35p   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   – College Park 4
4 San Jose Diridon 6:31a 7:05a 7:50a 8:50a 9:50a 10:35a 11:35a 12:35p San Jose Diridon 1:35p 2:35p 3:35p 4:44p 5:09p 6:07p 7:07p 8:07p 9:06p 10:06p 11:06p 12:06a 1:42a San Jose Diridon 4
4 Tamien 7:10a Tamien 4:50p 5:14p 6:13p 7:12p 10:11p 11:11p Tamien 4
5 Capitol Capitol 4:57p 6:20p Capitol 5
5 Blossom Hill Blossom Hill 5:03p 6:26p Blossom Hill 5
6 Morgan Hill Morgan Hill 5:16p 6:39p Morgan Hill 6
6 San Martin San Martin 5:22p 6:45p San Martin 6
6 Gilroy Gilroy 5:37p 7:01p Gilroy 6

Weekend Timetable

On weekends, a shuttle bus connects the Tamien and Diridon stations. Passengers ride free on the Caltrain shuttles. Timetable subject to change without notice.

Saturday Only | 400 Local |  800 Baby Bullet

Northbound Service

Zone Train 421 423 801 425 427 429 431 433 803 435 437 439 441 *443
Shuttle Bus
Departs Tamien   — 8:11am 9:24am 9:46am 11:11am 12:41pm 2:11pm 3:41pm 4:54pm 5:16pm 6:41pm 8:11pm 9:41pm   —
Arrives SJ Diridon   — 8:23am 9:36am 9:58am 11:23am 12:53pm 2:23pm 3:53pm 5:06pm 5:28pm 6:53pm 8:23pm 9:53pm   —
4 SJ Diridon 7:08am 8:38am 9:51am 10:08am 11:38am 1:08pm 2:38pm 4:08pm 5:21pm 5:38pm 7:08pm 8:38pm 10:08pm 10:30p
4 Santa Clara 7:13am 8:43am   — 10:13am 11:43am 1:13pm 2:43pm 4:13pm   — 5:43pm 7:13pm 8:43pm 10:13pm 10:35p
4 Lawrence 7:19am 8:49am   — 10:19am 11:49am 1:19pm 2:49pm 4:19pm   — 5:49pm 7:19pm 8:49pm 10:19pm 10:40p
3 Sunnyvale 7:23am 8:53am 10:01am 10:23am 11:53am 1:23pm 2:53pm 4:23pm 5:31pm 5:53pm 7:23pm 8:53pm 10:23pm 10:44p
3 Mountain View 7:29am 8:59am 10:06am 10:29am 11:59am 1:29pm 2:59pm 4:29pm 5:36pm 5:59pm 7:29pm 8:59pm 10:29pm 10:49p
3 San Antonio 7:33am 9:03am   — 10:33am 12:03pm 1:33pm 3:03pm 4:33pm   — 6:03pm 7:33pm 9:03pm 10:33pm 10:53p
3 California Ave 7:37am 9:07am   — 10:37am 12:07pm 1:37pm 3:07pm 4:37pm   — 6:07pm 7:37pm 9:07pm 10:37pm 10:57p
3 Palo Alto 7:42am 9:12am 10:13am 10:42am 12:12pm 1:42pm 3:12pm 4:42pm 5:43pm 6:12pm 7:42pm 9:12pm 10:42pm 11:01p
3 Menlo Park 7:45am 9:15am   — 10:45am 12:15pm 1:45p 3:15pm 4:45pm   — 6:15pm 7:45pm 9:15pm 10:45pm 11:04p
3 Atherton 7:49am 9:19am   — 10:49am 12:19pm 1:49pm 3:19pm 4:49pm   — 6:19pm 7:49pm 9:19pm 10:49pm 11:08p
2 Redwood City 7:53am 9:23am 10:20am 10:53am 12:23pm 1:53pm 3:23pm 4:53pm 5:50pm 6:23pm 7:53pm 9:23pm 10:53pm 11:12p
2 San Carlos 7:58am 9:28am   — 10:58am 12:28pm 1:58pm 3:28pm 4:58pm   — 6:28pm 7:58pm 9:28pm 10:58pm 11:17p
2 Belmont 8:02am 9:32am   — 11:02am 12:32pm 2:02pm 3:32pm 5:02pm   — 6:32pm 8:02pm 9:32pm 11:02pm 11:21p
2 Hillsdale 8:05am 9:35am 10:27am 11:05am 12:35pm 2:05pm 3:35pm 5:05pm 5:57pm 6:35pm 8:05pm 9m:35pm 11:05pm 11:24p
2 Hayward Park 8:09am 9:39am   — 11:09am 12:39pm 2:09pm 3:39pm 5:09pm   — 6:39pm 8:09pm 9:39pm 11:09pm 11:28p
2 San Mateo 8:12am 9:42am 10:32am 11:12am 12:42pm 2:12pm 3:42pm 5:12pm 6:02pm 6:42pm 8:12pm 9:42pm 11:12pm 11:31p
2 Burlingame 8:16am 9:46am   — 11:16am 12:46pm 2:16pm 3:46pm 5:16pm   — 6:46pm 8:16pm 9:46pm 11:16pm 11:35p
2 Broadway 8:20am 9:50am   — 11:20am 12:50pm 2:20pm 3:50pm 5:20pm   — 6:50pm 8:20pm 9:50pm 11:20pm 11:39p
2 Millbrae 8:23am 9:53am 10:40am 11:23am 12:53pm 2:23pm 3:53pm 5:23pm 6:10pm 6:53pm 8:23pm 9:53pm 11:23pm 11:42p
1 San Bruno 8:28am 9:58am   — 11:28am 12:58pm 2:28p 3:58pm 5:28pm   — 6:58pm 8:28pm 9:58pm 11:28pm 11:47p
1 So. San Francisco 8:33am 10:03am   — 11:33am 1:03pm 2:33pm 4:03pm 5:33pm   — 7:03pm 8:33pm 10:03pm 11:33pm 11:52p
1 Bayshore 8:39am 10:09am   — 11:39am 1:09pm 2:39pm 4:09pm 5:39pm   — 7:09pm 8:39pm 10:09pm 11:39pm 11:58p
1 22nd Street 8:45am 10:15am   — 11:45am 1:15pm 2:45pm 4:15pm 5:45pm   — 7:15pm 8:45pm 10:15pm 11:45pm 12:03a
1 Arrives San Francisco 8:52am 10:22am 11:00am 11:52am 1:22pm 2:52pm 4:22pm 5:52pm 6:30pm 7:22pm 8:52pm 10:22pm 11:52pm 12:14a

Southbound Service

Zone Train 422 424 426 802 428 430 432 434 436 804 438 440 442 444
1 San Francisco 8:07a 9:37a 11:07a 12:04p 12:37p 2:07p 3:37p 5:07p 6:37p 7:34p 8:07p 9:37p 10:50p 12:05a
1 22nd Street 8:11a 9:41a 11:11a   — 12:41p 2:11p 3:41p 5:11p 6:41p   — 8:11p 9:41p 10:54p 12:10a
1 Bayshore 8:18a 9:48a 11:18a   — 12:48p 2:18p 3:48p 5:18p 6:48p   — 8:18p 9:48p 11:01p 12:15a
1 So. San Francisco 8:24a 9:54a 11:24a   — 12:54p 2:24p 3:54p 5:24p 6:54p   — 8:24p 9:54p 11:07p 12:21a
1 San Bruno 8:30a 10:00a 11:30a   — 1:00p 2:30p 4:00p 5:30p 7:00p   — 8:30p 10:00p 11:12p 12:25a
2 Millbrae 8:34a 10:04a 11:34a 12:19p 1:04p 2:34p 4:04p 5:34p 7:04p 7:49p 8:34p 10:04p 11:16p 12:29a
2 Broadway 8:38a 10:08a 11:38a   — 1:08p 2:38p 4:08p 5:38p 7:08p   — 8:38p 10:08p 11:21p 12:33a
2 Burlingame 8:41a 10:11a 11:41a   — 1:11p 2:41p 4:11p 5:41p 7:11p   — 8:41p 10:11p 11:24p 12:35a
2 San Mateo 8:45a 10:15a 11:45a 12:26p 1:15p 2:45p 4:15p 5:45p 7:15p 7:56p 8:45p 10:15p 11:28p 12:41a
2 Hayward Park 8:48a 10:18a 11:48a   — 1:18p 2:48p 4:18p 5:48p 7:18p   — 8:48p 10:18p 11:31p 12:44a
2 Hillsdale 8:52a 10:22a 11:52a 12:30p 1:22p 2:52p 4:22p 5:52p 7:22p 8:00p 8:52p 10:22p 11:35p 12:48a
2 Belmont 8:56a 10:26a 11:56a   — 1:26p 2:56p 4:26p 5:56p 7:26p   — 8:56p 10:26p 11:39p 12:52a
2 San Carlos 8:59a 10:29a 11:59a   — 1:29p 2:59p 4:29p 5:59p 7:29p   — 8:59p 10:29p 11:42p 12:55a
2 Redwood City 9:04a 10:34a 12:04p 12:38p 1:34p 3:04p 4:34p 6:04p 7:34p 8:08p 9:04p 10:34p 11:47p 1:01a
3 Atherton 9:09a 10:39a 12:09p   — 1:39p 3:09p 4:39p 6:09p 7:39p   — 9:09p 10:39p 11:52p 1:05a
3 Menlo Park 9:12a 10:42a 12:12p   — 1:42p 3:12p 4:42p 6:12p 7:42p   — 9:12p 10:42p 11:55p 1:08a
3 Palo Alto 9:16a 10:46a 12:16p 12:45p 1:46p 3:16p 4:46p 6:16p 7:46p 8:15p 9:16p 10:46p 11:59p 1:11a
3 California Ave 9:20a 10:50a 12:20p   — 1:50p 3:20p 4:50p 6:20p 7:50p   — 9:20p 10:50p 12:03a 1:15a
3 San Antonio 9:24a 10:54a 12:24p   — 1:54p 3:24p 4:54p 6:24p 7:54p   — 9:24p 10:54p 12:07a 1:19a
3 Mountain View 9:29a 10:59a 12:29p 12:54p 1:59p 3:29p 4:59p 6:29p 7:59p 8:24p 9:29p 10:59p 12:12a 1:23a
3 Sunnyvale 9:34a 11:04a 12:34p 1:00p 2:04p 3:34p 5:04p 6:34p 8:04p 8:30p 9:34p 11:04p 12:17a 1:28a
4 Lawrence 9:38a 11:08a 12:38p   — 2:08p 3:38p 5:08p 6:38p 8:08p   — 9:38p 11:08p 12:21a 1:32a
4 Santa Clara 9:44a 11:14a 12:44p   — 2:14p 3:44p 5:14p 6:44p 8:14p   — 9:44p 11:14p 12:27a 1:37a
4 SJ Diridon 9:52a 11:22a 12:52p 1:13p 2:22p 3:52p 5:22p 6:52p 8:22p 8:43p 9:52p 11:22p 12:35a 1:45a
Shuttle Bus
Departs SJ Diridon 10:07a 11:37a 1:07p 1:28p 2:37p 4:07p 5:37p 7:07p   — 8:58p 10:07p   —   —   —
Arrives Tamien 10:17a 11:47a 1:17p 1:38p 2:47p 4:17p 5:47p 7:17p   — 9:08p 10:17p   —   —   —

Holiday Service

Caltrain will operate a SUNDAY schedule on the following days:

Independence Day – Thursday, July 4, 2019
Labor Day – Monday, September 2, 2019
Thanksgiving Day – Thursday, November 28, 2019
Christmas Day – Wednesday, December 25, 2019
New Year’s Day – Wednesday, January 1, 2020
Memorial Day – Monday, May 25, 2020

Caltrain will operate a MODIFIED schedule on the following days:

Day After Thanksgiving – Friday, November 29, 2019
Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Monday, January 20, 2020
Presidents Day – Monday, February 17, 2020

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